Visa application procedures include REQUIREMENTS, PROCESSING FEES

The Embassy of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in Egypt issues visas to individuals residing in and applying from Egypt. Due to regulatory constraints, we can only issue single entry visas valid for a one-month stay, with the exception of Business Visas (can be issued up to a maximum period of 3 years with multiple entries). Those wishing to stay longer in Afghanistan can apply to the Consulate Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kabul for an extension of their visa.


>> Visa Application Form – fully completed in typewritten and duly signed. Visa application forms can be downloaded under the application forms section in the main menu.

>> The applicant’s passports must have at least six months validity and must have blank pages.

>> Applicants traveling for employment or business purposes must provide documentation from their present or prospective employer, or other organization concerned verifying purpose of visit and an authorization reference number from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan

>> Two standard passport size photos, affixed to the appropriate box on the application form (photos must be identical, recent, color on white background, taken directly off the face and show both ears).


A non-refundable fee is payable upon submission of the application.

Visa TypeVisa DurationVisa Fee
Entry Visa Work30 Days (One Month)100. USD
Single Entry Visa30 Days (One Month)100. USD
Visiting Single Entry Visa30 Days (One Month)80. USD
Single Entry Business30 Days (One Month)40. USD
Multiple Business Entry Visa90 Days (Three Months)80.USD
Multiple Business Entry Visa180 Days (Six Months)80.USD
Multiple Business Entry Visa365 Days (1 Year)160.USD
Single Entry Tourist Visa30 Days (One Month)80.USD