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Cairo Date: 9/18/2013
Kabul Time: 6:31 AM Cairo Time: 4:01 AM
Afghan Army And Security Forces Are Ready To Fight Terrorism Independently
Sunday, November 04, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The Afghan people consider 2014 as a turning point in political history of their country and strongly believe that the Afghan national army and security forces are capable to ensure peace and stability across the country and to provide an opportunity for building a prosperous society.
The commentator of BNA writes in that regard:
As everybody knows, the foreign forces that had come to Afghanistan to fight and eradicate terrorism, based on agreed scheduled, will leave Afghanistan by the end of 2014. The Afghan people and government constantly said that Afghanistan needed a strong and trained army equipped with modern and required weapons then it would be ready to defense its independence and territory against any aggression and to successfully fight terrorism which is a serious threat to world peace.
The processes of withdrawal of foreign forces not only supported by the government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the political oppositions also support this process.
On the other hand, the official authorities of western countries consider the withdrawal of their troops from Afghanistan as need and are ready to hand over security responsibilities to Afghan forces who are capable to defend their country and people.
Once again, I emphasize that Afghans just need a trained and equipped army with modern and required military equipments, if our allies, meet this need, there would be no need for their military presence in Afghanistan.
A trained and equipped Afghan army and security forces not only can defend their country against any aggression but can rid the world from the evil threat of terrorism.
Although, Afghan and western diplomats, regarding to the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan follow the same idea, but recently some circles in the west have conducted a psychological war and try to demoralize Afghan people.
As, recently the American special inspection board releasing a report claimed  that after the withdrawal of foreign forces, Afghan army and security forces will not have the capability to protect military bases which have been built by US spending billions of dolor. According to this American board, during the last ten years, for building and equipping the military facilities in Afghanistan 52 billions dolors have been spent. The boar expresses its concern on protection of the facilities after 2014.
It is not only the inspection board, which has expressed it concern on 2014 post Afghanistan, earlier the Brussels based Crisis Group expressing its concern about the situation of Afghanistan even talked about the collapse of Afghan government. Likewise, a number of western media such as CBS, CNN and newspapers for demoralizing the people of Afghanistan broadcasting and publication of baseless and fabricated issues have launched a psychological war against our country.
But what is this propagation war for?  Politicians believe, starting anti Afghan propagation war by western media and criticizing the current system of Afghan government which enjoys the support of international community is nothing but ridiculing the west because in fact they are revealing their incapacities and faults committed during the last decade. During the period, all economic and security projects have been performed under the direct guidance of foreigners who funded the projects, and they were also involved in managing the projects. In this way they are criticizing the works have been by themselves.
General Azimi the spokesman of defense ministry calling what the special inspection boar of America a psychological and intelligence war emphasized that Afghans were ready to accept all security and protecting military facilities responsibilities after 2014.
It should be mentioned that spending 52 billion dollars in construction of military establishments is an exaggeration. If the documents prepared for the expenditures show the figure, then without doubt the money has been misused by the people involved in managing the projects. The managers should be tried, if they are Afghans or foreigners.
We suggest the western media and organs that have launched a psychological war against our people, it is better instead of conducting this ugly campaign, reflect the realities of Afghan community and carry out their obligation in front of a nation that has been a prey of the ambitions of super powers during the last   more than three decades and to avoid demoralizing Afghan suffering people and to stop anti Afghan psychological w
kabul Afghanistan
kabul Afghanistan
Mr FAZLURRAHMAN FAZIL Ambassador of The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Cairo
Mr FAZLURRAHMAN FAZIL Ambassador of The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Cairo
Mr FAZLURRAHMAN FAZIL Ambassador of The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Cairo